all art work © by kerstin ruehmann 
Kerstin's animals seem free of everything, 
even space and time, placed in an abstract empty setting. 
By portraying the animals, Kerstin concentrates our attention 
on its singularity. The animals seem to watch our actions.

Since my childhood, I’ve been captivated by animals 

and our relationship with them.

In these times, we rarely focus on details. 

We lack the patience to absorb and observe our environment. 
Instead we distance ourselves from the realities of 
our world with distraction and consumption. 
The disconnect from nature has left many 
anesthetized and indifferent to our planet.

We destroy nature to meet our modern 
consumption needs.
Sixty percent of the Earth’s wildlife has been made extinct 
since nineteen seventy because of habitat loss and 

Nature is not a nice-to-have. It is our only life-support.  
We have put it on the market for sale.